Hear the Word

March 2015

Let It Out

Let It Out
Joshua 6:1-7
Matthew 20:29-33

You Are Loved

February 2015

Ready to Forgive

Get Over It

Be Happy – Pastor Bill Phillips

The Power of Forgiveness is in Your Turn

Just Let the Blood Flow

January 2015

God Produces Worship

June 2014

Rooted in the Fire – Pastor Michael Valdez

May 2014

My Hope is Alive

2 Responses to “Sermons”

  1. Stacie Parrish says:

    Every Sermon is “Life Application”. Every Sunday I will hear “that message was just for me” or “I needed to hear that right now” OR my favorite is “Pastor’s message gave me confirmation to something that God was telling me”!
    Every sermon Pastor Felix prays and ask for God to remove Felix so the Holy Spirit can speak through him and that the Words of the LORD are the only thing spoken.
    Right when you walk into His Presence you feel the Holy Spirit and you feel the Love of God running through those walls…..as well as you see the Holy Spirit and the Love of God coming through Pastor Felix.
    That’s when you know YOU ARE HOME!

  2. Lisa Stallings says:

    Gifted my of GOD Sr Pastor Felix Golden

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