“…What counts is whether we have been transformed into a new creation.” (Galatians 6:15b NLT)


In just a few short days we will be on our way to our Women’s Retreat in Loma Mar, CA. This year promises to be filled with passionate speakers who will help you see yourself the way God sees you, and remove some of the negative perceptions we have of ourselves as women of God. I can’t begin to tell you how READY we are.

While the team is putting together the finishing touches, let’s make sure you know what we need from you. Read through this email for what to pack, how to dress and why you should be prayed up. There are also some frequently asked questions at the end.

What to Pack (and not pack)
Do Pack

  • Comfortable clothes and shoes. We’ll be in the redwoods so tennis shoes would be great.
  • Be sure to include a jacket or warm blanket for our bonfire night.
  • Bible
  • Flashlight
  • Notebook & pens
  • Bug spray for outdoor activities
  • Although our rooms have bedding and towels provided, if you have a favorite pillow or blanket that would make you more comfortable, be sure to bring it along
  • Headphones for any personal music and meditation
  • Be sure to download music to your phone or player as you will NOT have internet access to stream
  • Open mind & heart

Leave at Home

  • Alcohol or drugs
  • High heels – no time for that!
  • Pets (guide dogs are allowed)

Where to Go
Redwood Glen is located at 100 Wright Drive, Loma Mar, CA

Bus Transportation
For those riding the bus, please meet at the church (6830 Lone Tree Way, Brentwood, CA 94513) at 12:30pm on Friday. The bus will return you to the same location on Sunday around 3pm. NOTE: the bus leaving time is prompt. If you are late, you will need to find your own transportation to Redwood Glen.

Providing Own Transportation
For those who are providing their own transportation, it is recommended that you print out the address and driving directions ahead of time as internet connection in the area is spotty, at best. Upon arrival, follow the signs and drive all the way to the back of the location to the Siden Conference Center where there is ample parking.


What to Expect
Here are the rules for the retreat.

  • Quiet hours are from 11pm to 7am.
  • We will have morning prayer every day at 7am.
  • Please be conscious of fire prevention and conservation of resources. We will be in the beautiful redwoods.
  • Smoking is allowed ONLY in designated areas.
  • Plan to attend every session as there is free time built into the schedule.
  • We encourage you to explore the grounds, but please take a partner with you.
  • Alcoholic beverage and/or drug use is not allowed.
  • The retreat is a safe space. Be encouraging and discreet with the information shared.
  • There is no cell or internet service. Please share the following phone number with your family in case of emergency: (650) 294-9117 or (650) 879-0320 ext. 10 to leave a voice message. While there is no cell service, there are phones on site that you can use to check-in with family if needed.


Why to Pray Ahead of Time
Whenever the opportunity for growth arises, adversity follows. Those challenges may make you want to give up or even say “never mind I’m not going.” Only prayer will keep you going AND prepare your heart for what He has for you.

 We want you to be able to leave the challenges of home, work, kids, etc. behind and focus on your relationship with our Lord and Savior. It’s time to dig deep and address some issues that are hardening your heart, accept how God formed you, and step back into your world a new woman. You will not leave this place the same way you came. 

 “This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” (2 Corinthians 5:17 NLT)



Will I have a roommate?
Yes. All rooms are double occupancy and roommates will be announced at registration.

I need to call home, will I have cell service?
There is NO cell service at Redwood Glen. There are phones on-site where you can make calls home when necessary. If there is an emergency at home, your family can call (650) 294-9117 to reach you at the property.

Who is the retreat committee?
We have a great committee of Keeley Body, Indrani Golden, Dianne Lady and Priscilla Martinez. If you would like to be on the committee next year, please see Keeley to get on board!

Are there lots of bugs and critters?
Per Redwood Glen, “Redwood Glen is home to lots of wildlife. Doors must be closed tightly (you are responsible for all damage that occurs – including to our buildings). Do not feed, chase or throw stones at animals (please be respectful of them).”

On the upside, we will be meeting in one particular space and will only be outside for the bonfire and walking to the dining hall. 

Will I be required to do lots of walking?
Not at all. Our meeting and sleeping accommodations are all in one building. The dining hall is in the building next door but it is about a 1 minute walk from one building to the next. 

We do have activities on two floors of the building, but for those with mobility issues there is an elevator. We do request that the elevator only be used for those who truly require the additional assistance. 

Do I need any special clothing?
We just want you to be comfortable. Whether that is sweats, leggings or jeans, just be comfortable. Be sure to have comfortable footwear as well. You may want closed toes to avoid having dusty feet.

We do encourage you to pay attention to the weather and pack accordingly. Check the weather here: Loma Mar Weather